New Pedestrians (MFA)

By artificially constructing situations of everyday life, and pushing the absurdity of those moments, “New Pedestrians” critical but humorous look at how mobile technology has become a poignant player in our connections and rituals. Technology allows us to control how we present ourselves and where we put our attention. However, as the videos attempt to portray, these devices also have control over us: our bodies, our communities, and our relationships.

My intention is not to deter people away from their devices; the work is not an attack on mobile technology. Rather, it is meant to be a mirror for users to reflect on their own habits. The pieces here ask the viewer to develop a more self-aware, examined relationship with mobile technology. I hope that through this examination, users will begin to ask questions about what is most sustaining in customs.

Below are still captures and instillation photographs from “New Pedestrian” video artworks created and exhibited in 2013.

Below are three recent videos titled, Around Downtown, At a Picnic,and In a Vineyard.
To view more “New Pedestrian” videos, please visit my Vimeo page.